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How Do We Optimize and Make Your Computer Faster?

  • Perform Hard Drive Maintenance
  • Fix Stuck Operating System Updates
  • Evaluate & Remove Slow and Harmful Browser Add-Ons
  • Clean up Browser and Windows Temporary Files
  • Evaluate & Disable Unneeded Start Up Programs
  • Perform Common Start Up Program Updates (Ex: Adobe Reader)
  • Verify Virus Protection is Effective & Enabled
  • Clean Up Adware/Spyware/Malware/Trojan/Virus
  • Check Available Free Hard Drive Space & System Memory
  • …and more!

Windows Computers & Laptops

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About Us

Your USA-Based Slow Computer Expert Techs Service

You will find honest, down home personal care dedicated to providing the best customer service and computer help available to you. When your Windows Laptop is slow or your Windows PC is slow, you won’t have to worry for long! Our experts are skilled in dealing with all the possible issues.

  • Microsoft Windows Slow Computer Repair
  • Microsoft Windows Slow Laptop Repair
  • Viruses, Spyware, Adware and Ransomware Removal
  • Computer Tune Ups
  • Slow Computer at Home, Slow Computer at Work
  • And more including new PC Setup and Troubleshooting

Certified Malware Removal Specialists

Many computers are slow due to malware and viruses and adware Internet browser plugins. Why is this? Viruses are more sophisticated today which require an expert virus removal. We are Certified Malware Removal Specialists.

Certified Malware Removal Expert

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First rate *slow computer* fixes and results

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Because you need your slow Windows computer or slow Windows laptop faster right now.

All Major Brands
Service for all major computer brands including Acer™, Asus™, Dell™, HP™, Lenovo™, Mac™, Toshiba™ and more.
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We love fixing slow computers!
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We will diagnose your issues and provide you with options at no charge! (and no pressure either!)
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Our experts support home and business with honest, reliable and professional help
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We pride ourselves on being a professional computer repair facility.
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Real Customer Questions

We hear people ask:

  • Why is my computer running slow?
  • Can you speed up my computer?
  • Can you make my computer faster?
  • Why is my laptop running so slow!
  • My computer is running slow Windows 10.
  • Why is my Internet so slow?

Real Answers

We didn’t reinvent how to fix a slow computer, we just made it quick, easy, convenientdependable, and affordable.  We have one mission, to speed up all the slow computers we can find.

When your computer is running slow or when your laptop is running slow or even if your Internet is slow, we can speed up your computer.

How does this work?

Our experts know how to find and fix your slow computer usually within an hour or less.  This starts with asking you some common and simple questions.

We want to help fix your slow computer and by asking you a few relevant questions, we can often fix your computer much quicker with results that will make you happy.

Troubleshooting Questions We May Ask

  • When your computer is running slow, when do you experience this the most?  Why would we ask this?  To find out if the problem is all the time or only with a specific program.
  • Have you installed any software or hardware recently?  Why would we ask this?  Sometimes a computer running slow is related to a recent change and checking this may be the fastest way to speed up your computer.
  • How often is your laptop running slow?  Why would we ask this?  Maybe your laptop or desktop is running slow only at specific times or during specific activities which could help us determine a specific set of problem areas to review.
Speed Up My Computer Expert
Slow Windows Computer

We Can Help With

  • Slow Windows 7 PC
  • Slow Windows 8 PC
  • Slow Windows 8.1 PC
  • Slow Windows 10 PC
  • Slow Windows Laptop
  • Slow Acer™ Computer
  • Slow Asus™ Computer
  • Slow HP™ Computer
  • Slow Dell™ Computer
  • Slow Lenovo™ Computer
  • Slow Toshiba™ Computer
  • Etc.

We Also Help With

  • Slow Internet due to software issues
  • Slow Chrome
  • Slow Firefox
  • Slow Internet Explorer
  • Windows Virus Removal
  • Windows Malware Removal
  • Windows Adware Removal
  • Windows Ransomware Removal (not flat rate)

We Currently Do Not Provide Support For

  • Mac™
  • ChromeBook
  • Linux
  • Virtual Machines
  • Servers
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