ScanCircle Computer Diagnosis Software

Automatically check your computer for the most common problems.  It is fast and easy to use, anonymous and safe.

Computer diagnosis

A complete computer diagnosis in 10-20 seconds for the most common problems.

Personal computer advice

Detailed advice provided by software on issues that may be affecting your computer.


Nothing will be installed or changed on your computer and no personal data is retrieved.

Easy to Use Software

Here’s how to perform a scan on your computer:

  1. Click [Run scan] button above.
  2. Double click the downloaded software.
  3. Software does not install anything.  Instead it will run one time and your results will appear in your browser in around 10-20 seconds.

Want to See a Sample Scan?

Scan includes info to fix each discovered issue.

Reports can also be grouped by the most urgency:

  • Critical items to fix first
  • Recommended items
  • Optional Items
  • Even helpful Informative items.
Scan Sample Link
Computer Scan Software Speedometer

Fast Scanning

Most scans completed in 10-20 seconds.  The average is 11.7 seconds.

Detailed report includes

  • System
  • Security
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Processes

Including how to fix each discovered potential problem.

ScanCircle Software

The fastest computer diagnosis – ScanCircle.

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